Nova Scotia Artist Makes His Mark

Since 1976, Nova Scotia artist, Ivan Higgins has been owner/operator of Cosby’s Garden Centre in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. His natural abilities, knowledge, dedication and artistry have made his landscaping services at Cosby’s a success. The combination of Ivan’s knowledge of plants and his talents as an artist transformed his landscapes into works of art.

Ivan began drawing as a young boy and developed his talent over many years. Many businesses and private homes throughout Queens County proudly reflect his efforts. Colour, design, unity, the personalities and lifestyles of his clients are all carefully considered in the selection and creation of his landscapes.

Ivan is available to anyone just seeking advice or needing assistance with crucial soil or planting decisions. To make a purchase from Cosby’s is to buy years of experience, quality, knowledge and an assurance that any questions or concerns will be expertly addressed.

From the grape to the grain, Ivan has over the course of many years also developed and perfected his wine making and brewing techniques. His expertise in this endeavour is an asset to those attempting to produce their first bottle as well as to those wishing to share their successes. All necessary supplies and guidance await you at Cosby’s.

What is truly evident however, is his passion for drawing which has made a natural transition from the abstract to the concrete-literally! Working with wire and concrete, he has perfected the technique and as a result has produced amazing sculptures. After the winter workshops where gardeners, artists, and novice sculptors are guided through the concrete creation process, and before the busy spring and summer gardening season, Ivan captures the opportunity to allow his imagination to leap from paper to concrete with incredible results!

From planting advice to planting services, from workshops to commissioned art, from Christmas trees to wreaths, Ivan ensures every customer’s needs are not only met but in many cases anticipated!