Liverpool’s Garden Sculptor

Liverpool’s Garden Sculptor.

Nova Scotia Sculptor Extraordinaire.

Nova Scotia sculptor, Ivan HigginsMeet Nova Scotia sculptor, Ivan Higgins as his eclectic imagination comes to life. Ivan’s simply magical and undoubtedly unique concrete creations will not only grab your eye but will capture your soul.

Ivan, an accomplished artist, began sculpting about 15 years ago with his sculptures becoming a natural and powerful extension of his art. His mammoth sculpting projects are a winter tradition at Cosby’s. Friends and customers constantly pop in and out of his ‘greenhouse’ studio in anticipation of watching his musings take shape. It is inspiring to witness his creations acquire form as they evolve from wire and concrete into unparalleled works of art. It is not unusual for Ivan’s employees to assist in the development of the initial pencil drawings for his art.

Some of his most notable pieces are works which have been commissioned by private individuals to enhance a prized garden or even to celebrate a life well lived and remembered, as reflected in his beautiful grouping of ‘Monks’ which Ivan designed and created as a private memorial. Local businesses and even national corporations also have commissioned designs by Ivan which capture an essential essence or theme, or honour valued employees on the occasion of their retirements as did his ‘Mermaid and Falcon’. Displays of this Nova Scotia Sculptor can be found throughout the province and beyond.

However, one doesn’t have to go beyond the Garden Centre itself to admire the depth and scope of his work. Many of Ivan’s creations have found a home scattered throughout the Cosby’s property or at his Sculpture Garden (at the rear of the Garden Centre). Adorning the front of the property looms his ‘Mystical Warrior’ fountain, while nestled in a bed of heather, ‘The Enchanting Castle’ waits patiently to be discovered. To wander through the garden centre and Sculpture Garden is to be surrounded by a host of abundantly fragrant blooming trees, shrubs, and flowers all complementing the artistry of Ivan’s amazing sculptures.

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Glass Blower Commission

Glass Blower Commission

Concrete Glass Blower For Glass Artisans Studio Among the many commercial projects Ivan has completed was one in 2012. His concrete glass blower for Glass Artisans Studio and Gallery in Cape Breton has turned a lot of heads along the North Shore of the Cabot Trail. The sculpture is over 9 feet tall, weighs nearly […]

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Regional Media Features

Regional Media Features

Featured in Regional Media The concrete art of Ivan Higgins has been the subject of blogs, dozens of posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and has been featured in numerous regional publications for years. Ivan is listed in and in other high-profile websites. Here is a list of links to several of Ivan’s most recent […]

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